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In order to protect the longevity and beauty of our valuable pianos, users need to adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Eating, drinking and smoking are prohibited. Water bottles for singers and instrumentalists are permitted, but must be placed on the tables provided.

2. Please do not place any items (i.e, bags, cell phones, instrument cases, music books, etc.) on top or aside of the pianos. Items should be placed on the floor or table provided.

3. For security purposes, coverings may not be placed over the windows or cameras in the practice rooms.

4. Please sanitize your hands using the provided sanitizer before piano use.

5. Hours of availability: Practice room are available from 10:00AM - 7:00PM, Mon-Fri. However, due to our class openings, please feel free to contact us during business hours to check the availability.

6. Practice room should be reserved 24hrs before.

7. Payment should be made to reserve your practice room. After receiving your registration, we will contact you within a day for the confirmation and process the payment via phone.

8. If you add or subtract chairs or stands within a room, you should return all items to their original locations at the end of the practice session.

9. Students may not share your practice room space or privileges with other individuals. We will not be responsible for any losses during your practice hours happening in the reserved room.


1. Johannes Seiler Upright: $17/hr

2. Johannes Seiler Grand: $23/hr

​3. Kawaii Baby Grand: $20/hr

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​Find your right class

​Find your right class

Do not hesitate to call us at: 657-232-1003

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