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Music education is essential to being human

Music is a very powerful subject. It has been used since the Greek times for healing, communication, relaxation and for enjoyment.


For decades, music was an important part of the school day for each and every child. Nearly every classroom in the nation’s elementary schools had a piano and most teachers were able to play simple songs, was a must and religious songs were sometimes included in the repertoires even in public schools. Students looked forward to performing in concerts and showing off their talent.


Understand of that, Cambridge Music and Arts prioritizes the music education, we focus on preserving and nurturing creativity in our students, provide high-quality music lessons to enable them enjoying music, develop their general musicianship, listening, singing & music notation and allow students to achieve their goals and dreams whether it is to get a Certificate of Merit, to get into an Honor orchestra, to participate into and win competitions, pursue a professional career or just do it for a self-enrichment.


Cambridge Music and Arts committed to helping our talented students to realise their full potential, to inspire them, motivate to push their own limits and nurture their love to music.

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